‘Chilled and Balanced’ Wellness Box

Choose your own combination of 3 K9-Wellness supplements and get a Gleam K9 towel and lickimat free!

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In the bespoke ‘Chilled and Balanced’ wellness box, we’ve combined our biggest game changers for supporting your dog’s calmness, nutrition and balance of ‘good bacteria.

We’ve taken care of all the guesswork, cost, sourcing and quantities of these transformational ingredients and created a bespoke wellness box so that you can support your dog completely from the inside out with just a few scoops a day.

With a combination of these specially blended and selected superfoods, your dog will be getting the wellness boost they deserve without the bulk feeding that would be usually needed to achieve these results through food alone.

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Just Some of the benefits of the Superfoods you’ll be feeding:

  • Mood-Boosting L-Tryptophan
L-tryptophan is an amino acid and is the building block of serotonin – “the happy chemical” – that it gets converted to in the brain!
L-Tryptophan metabolism is dependent on optimal gut wellness making supplementation important.
  • Super Power Spirulina

Spirulina is a form of algae, considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth! It has powerful antioxidant properties and supports the natural anti-inflammatory process, which makes it one of our general wellness musts for every dog! Scientific evidence has also suggested that it has anti-cancer properties!

  • Vital Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin crucial for gut wellness, brain wellness and red blood cell formation.
Sources of small amounts of B12 in foods include dairy products, eggs, fish, meat and poultry.
  • Microbiome-Boosting Pre & Probiotics
Gut wellness and the wellbeing of the micro-organisms that live within your dog’s digestive tract are one in the same. These can be impacted by stress, digestive upset, dietary change and even lack of quality rest!
Adding pre and probiotics to support the wellbeing of this microbiome in turn supports your dog’s gut wellness!
  • Faecal-Bulking Fibres & Clay!

Healthy Stool = Happy Gut! Incorporating natural fibres and clays that bulk and maintain solid faeces as well support gut integrity in turn promotes gut wellness!

 Along with these high-impact ingredients, you’ll also receive accessories to support your dog’s overall wellness, in the form of our K9 Calm Mat and Gleam-K9 Towel. Find out more below:

K9 Calm Mat

This mat is loved by A-OK9 customers and is used as both as a handy way to feed the supplements, and a fun lickable treat for enrichment.

Use the mat with wet food by simply smearing on to the mat and sprinkling the supplements on top! Dogs love the challenge of getting every last drop.

Gleam-K9 Towel 

A multi-action tool, the Gleam-K9 can be used as a soothing wrap to relax sore muscles, a cooling cloth for summer days and a towel which creates a sparkling-shine. See what others have said:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great! Yes, I recommend this product. The Calm-K9 works wonders for Sir Barkalot, the Prime-K9 helps his coat to really shine and his eyes to twinkle. The Calm Mat is a great way of bringing him back down after a walk or high energy play session, and the towel makes him sparkle like a disco ball. Love it!

– Caroline, UK

What Do You Get in the box?


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £37.49

Gleam-K9 towel:

Standalone price: £17

K9 Calm Mat:

Standalone price: £4.99

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